Land Haus Retreat has been developed with sustainability and use of local materials in mind. Dwellings are orientated for passive solar gain, have large, high quality windows and we are presently working on harvesting water from the rooftops.

Homespun Haus

In tune with the sustainability of Land Haus, Homespun Haus was an afterthought as a result of the fortunate acquisition of the makings of a tiny house! Left over materials from Land Haus and antique treasures were repurposed to make a comfortable living area. Decking was salvaged from old wall tent projects and voilá, this cute, eclectic cabin was created. You will find lots of cool features like the willow deck furniture, the old Avon glassware and the trampoline springs given a new life!

Land Haus

The first of it's kind in the Yukon, Land Haus was engineered with CLT - compressed laminate timber, from Penticton, British Columbia which provides a cozy heat sink indoors. Along with this, the geothermal heating/cooling and a solar array have also helped create a net zero home.

Interior finishes and materials were chosen for longevity, sustainability and health. The wooden walnut and white ash countertops were purchased rough-cut here in the Yukon, originate from Ontario and are finished with food safe, beeswax based oil. Flooring is marmoleum, many people ask! It is a sustainable flooring made from natural raw materials.

Local artists have been supported over the years and you will find many beautiful pieces throughout Land Haus. If you would like to see more work from local artists and craftspeople, search in the buy local section in the LHR Guidebook for places to visit.


Lo local es muy importante en el Yukón. El propio Land Haus Retreat tiene un pequeño huerto e invernaderos para obtener algunos productos frescos. Aquí hay una lista parcial de algunos de los productores y productos cultivados en el Yukón. Busca estos y muchos otros en las tiendas locales y en el mercado semanal Fireweed Community Market.

Café Bean North, Café Midnight Sun

Infusiones, jabones, cremas, bálsamos y tinturas locales

Aroma Borealis - tienda de alimentos saludables con muchos de los productos anteriores

Landed Bakehouse - delicioso pan y productos de panadería de estilo europeo

Circle D Ranch - chips de col rizada, bayas haskap y mucho más

Yukon Grain Farm: patatas, zanahorias, apio de temporada, brócoli, remolacha y mucho más en los supermercados locales.

Little Red Hen Eggs - huevos

Cultured Fine Cheese - queso, aceitunas, especias de todo el mundo

Tum Tum's s sausage products - productos ecológicos y sostenibles

Hinterland Products - harina, mezclas para tortitas, copos de avena, mezclas para bizcochos y brownies

Palomitas Kettle Corn

Especias Twisted Gourmet

Sistema alimentario Coldacre

Floristería Boreal

Cervecería Yukon

Cervecería Winterlong

Para consultar la lista completa de productores de alimentos, haga clic aquí: Productos cultivados en Yukón